Application of traditional materials

The material source of Hanafuda earrings can be derived back out to Japanese orthodox culture and craftsmanship. Designers pay attention to selecting materials that are consistent with Japanese orthodox culture to keep back the unique charm of Dangler.

First of all, designers often use Japanese wallpaper as one of the materials for Hanafuda earrings. Washi is a traditional Japanese paper successful from plant fibers that is thin, elastic and transparent. Designers unite Japanese paper with metal or other materials to make Hanafuda earrings more unique in texture and appearance. By using Japanese paper, designers not only usher the essence of traditional craftsmanship, but also make Dangler more in draw with the characteristics of Japanese culture.

Secondly, designers often use kimono framework as one of the materials for Hanafuda earrings. Kimono is a traditional Japanese clothing. Its framework is ordinarily made of pure cotton, brocade or silk. Designers apply kimono fabrics to earring designs, which not only if shows the unique beauty of Japanese orthodox culture, only also gives Hanafuda earrings more texture and layering.

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Use of Bodoni font materials

Although Dangler focus on the application of traditional materials, designers also use modern materials to make the earrings more fashionable and diverse.

First of all, designers often use antimonial materials, much as gold, platinum, silver, etc. The metal stuff gives Hanafuda earrings a eye-popping look and texture, making them more serviceable and wear-resistant. By exploitation metal materials, designers bring more choices and matching possibilities to wearers.

Secondly, designers also used cosmetic materials such as sequins, crystals, and pearls to make Hanafuda earrings more gorgeous and charming. Sequins and crystals add a sparkling effect to the earrings, making them daze even out more in the light. The natural luster and texture of pearls bring up a sense of nobility and undefined to Dangler.


Sustainable materials focus

As environmental awareness increases, designers start to yield aid to the application of property materials. They chose to use environmentally friendly materials, qualification Hanafuda earrings both beautiful in appearance and environmentally friendly.

First, designers often use recycled fiber materials, such as bamboo fiber and silk fiber. These materials are renewable and biodegradable and have a moo impact on the environment. By using these recycled fibre materials, designers bring more different choices to wearers and make a positive contribution to environmental protection.

Secondly, designers to focus on using recyclable materials such as metal and plastic. These materials put up be recycled and reused after the life cycle of the earrings, reducing the waste of resources. By using recyclable materials, designers have integrated the conception of sustainable development into the design of Hanafuda earrings, vocation on people to pay attention to situation tribute and sustainable lifestyles.


Application of creative materials

In addition to traditional and modern materials, designers besides innovatively used some non-traditional and creative materials to work unique style and personalized plan to Dangler.


The undefined and innovation of material sources for Hanafuda earrings gives these earrings a unique undefined and appeal. From the application of traditional materials to the use of modern materials, to the focalize on property materials and the practical application of creative materials, Hanafuda earrings usher undefined and innovation in design and material selection. Whether it is the inheritance of traditional culture or the call for situation awareness, they are totally reflected behind the survival of these materials. Combining tradition and modernity, sweetheart and functionality, Dangler are unusual in the fashion world and have become a unusual jewelry art. By sympathy the material sources of Hanafuda earrings, we can better take account and sympathize the cultural and design meaning these earrings carry.

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